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How to - Teneriffe Lace Roundel: Grecian Border

Teneriffe Lace Grecian Border roundel

 There are many late Victorian and early Edwardian books with Teneriffe Lace designs. All of them are, of course, based on different numbers of spokes and different sizes, and many that were published only gave pictures, leaving the reader to use her own knowledge to decide how to begin working. I have decided to try and adapt some of these roundels for use with the template that is part of the Teneriffe Lace Starter Kit.

This design, called "The Grecian Border" is adapted from Teneriffe Lace Designs & Instructions, Carl & Co, 1904

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Victorian Fabric Trimmings

The best way to trim any historic costume is, of course, to look at period examples. Surviving garments are the first choice, and then illustrations and paintings from the period to see what was 'in vogue'.

During the Victorian period, numerous books and magazines were published to give ladies ideas and instruction in various needle arts. From dress making to lace making, these publications are invaluable to those of us looking to achieve an authentic look.

However, not all of these publications are equal. Some are very comprehensive in their instructions, others assume that a certain amount of knowledge is already known. This can be difficult for us today, as even the terminology can be different, or the process changed with time, making following some of these articles less easy to reference.

In the case  Hecklinger's Ladies Garmentsthere is a wonderful section on trimmings. But despite the wealth of engravings of trimmings and trimming ideas, there's very little instruction on how to make them. The following instructions may help to explain some of the fabric and ribbon manipulation techniques illustrated in the original book.

This article was first published in Your Wardrobe Unlock'd, May 2010

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Bows, Rosettes and Cockades

Ribbon embellishments are a recurring feature across the history of clothing, from the heavily trimmed petticoat breeches of the seventeenth century to the tri-coloured cockades of Revolutionary France. The Victorians were obsessed when it came to ribbons, covering some 19th century gowns with a profusion of bows and rosettes.

This tutorial will show you how to make a variety of ribbon embellishment, from basic bows through to more complicated rosettes.

Note: This article was first published in Your Wardrobe Unlock'd: the Costume Maker's Companion, March 2009.

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How to: A Lace Insertion

Lace insertions are a great way to add a focal point to any piece of fabric, and are really quite easy to do. While the following instructions show a Teneriffe lace roundel, the technique can be used with any piece of lace, of any shape - including machine made lace. 

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Hand crafted bead necklace


As many of you know, design team member Gillian McMurray is an excellent bead maker - she sells her own range on Etsy - and she enjoys experimenting with different material when making beads.

As a member of the team, she has used many materials with both the Paper Bead Stencil kit and the Paperlathe system, such as the wonderful felt beads shown on this gadget cosy. 

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