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Throwback Thursday: The U.F.O. (UnFinished Object)

Many of you will know that we have recently moved. Very recently in fact; I still haven't finished unpacking some things! But in actual fact it was the packing and sorting that led to a few interesting discoveries. 

Embroidery sampler by Gina Barrett

We'd been at the other house for a lifetime, and add that to two people with alot of hobbies and interests, and you end up with a lot of sorting out to do. I have found quite a few things that can be sold, much was thrown away, I discovered I had a little bit more of a fabric stash then I thought - and enough undyed silk thread to justify calling myself a hoarder. 

I also found lots of samplers and trials - and thankfully, only two UFOs. As someone who does like to try out new techniques on a pretty regulat basis, having only 2 projects started on and not finished is pretty good. I have found materials for planned projects, but that doesn't count - materials can become something else!

The UFOs are both embroideries. One that really didn't go as planned - I was unhappy with an aspect of it which did rather ruin the moment as it were. I put it aside, but kept it, thinking I could start again, using that as a guide to what not to do. So perhaps it isn't a true UFO, except that I had forgotten about it. And this. I can't really remember why it was put aside. It would have to have been something important at the time, as I was enjoying working on this. 

So, as I have clearly stated in stitches at the side, I started this in 1997. I can remember stitching on it when Mother Teresa and Princess Diana died. Shame I can't read the pencil marks of what else I intended to write!

Embroidery sampler by Gina BarrettThere's a real mix here. Most of it using what I had available to me at the time. Both the gold and silver are not 'real' - i got it at the NEC - just a bundle of each with no labels, and as you can see, not a bit of tarnishing. Wish I knew what it was! 

The burgundy ground is split stitch with sewing cottom. Used double (as if hand sewing) so that I would have something to 'split'. I had no idea where to get really fine silk then, and i suspect could not have afforded it if I had wanted it. I used to really enjoy doing fine embroideries with sewing cotton - it is great for outlining. (I've even worked fine tablet weaving with it - heck it is easily available!)

There are some bits of real silk - the pale blues are silks that were hand dyed with woad, picked up at a market somewhere. I wanted to make sure that i used them on something nice. There's quite a bit of vegetable dyed wools and of course, alot of cotton, and a real variety of stitches, some that have worked better than others.

Embroidery sampler by Gina Barrett (detail)So, I do feel I have to try to finish at least the main area. I think the right hand side may have to be forgotten about - I doubt I'd ever match up the burgundy now anyway. I am hoping I still have enough of the silver wire - I did recently use some of it for a completly different project! 

But before I start, I do need to see if I can get the fabric clean. It stayed on the frame for some time and the fabric is quite dirty. I'm hoping a cold water soak will do the trick. Perhaps this needs to become the cover of a 'journal' of the various little finished trials that I have?

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