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Golden buttons

Gold embroidered buttons in the making stage (H&H/Gina-B Silkworks)


Now it's a bit of a waiting game with regards to the Ganutell Flowers book, and I've been busy putting together some stunning embroidered buttons. I can say that - as I haven't actually worked the embroidery :) .

The embroidery is by Hawthorne & Heaney of London, I've had the job of making these into covered buttons. They will ultimately go onto a stunning reproduction of the suit shown below from the eighteenth century. The suit itself is being made by Henry Poole and Co. of Savile Row. 

Gold buttons embroidery by Hawthorne & Heaney, made up by Gina Barrett

In order to give the buttons a slightly domed shape, I used a small circle of wool felt (the same as the coat is being made from). This allows the edges to be sewn a little tighter without damaging the foil base of the embroidery. The foil can crack and break if a domed button is used and no padding at all. Look closely, and you will see that many embroidered buttons of this period are rather flat, I suspect that the same process may have been used.

I was interested to see that the foil was pasted into place prior to the other embroidery being worked. It was peeled away from the surrounding area, and this method certainly helped the foil to stay neat - so something to perhaps think about for those of you wanting to work with foils.

I can't wait to see the final piece!

Man's suit France c 1760 Photo © Museum Associates/ LACMA

Man's suit France c 1760 Photo © Museum Associates/ LACMA



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