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Flowers from the Ganutell Country Flowers HandbookPhew! Well, thank you to everyone who helped to make the launch of the Ganutell Country Flowers Handbook a success. I really appreciate it. We've been really busy getting the orders out - not a recommended job in the high temperatures of last week. :).

It is lovely seeing so many of you who have already received it and are making flowers! I love seeing what you have created. 

If this keeps up I'll have to start on the new one sooner than I thought. Thank you.

Speaking of the heat, I do hope everyone is enjoying the weather. Our dog is, (longer evening walks!) but it is proving a bit too hot for our cat, she likes to be on my lap in the mornings, and she just gets too hot. 

Lucky coin buttons by Gina BarrettBut it doesn't stop there. I'm of course still making buttons. I've been playing with inserting special items - such as coins - into buttons. I can think of alot of possibilities with this idea. Foil, flat gems, pictures and paper. In fact they remind me very much of something my Grandmother made many years ago that could be further worked into a button... 

We are also developing a new range of moulds. We are having a new selection made based on early historic examples, little domes, acorns, and so on. If the trials go well, these will be great for Elizabethan styles. We are also working on some more modern variations - such as acrylic rings. Much easier to wash! Being clear, they also lend themselves to interesting, 'floating' buttons. All of the new moulds should be available by the end of the month.

Snail button by Yoko Odaira



And last but not least, I have to show you this stunning button by artist Yoko - tell me this isn't wonderful! I wish I had thought of it! You can see more of Yoko's terrific creations at her blog.

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