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Day 21 already

One Button a Day 2016It is hard to believe that I'm now 21 days into the One Button a Day challenge! So far, I have to admit, it isn't really a challenge, except for the naming of the buttons.

In my DVDs and book, I went with the decision to name the buttons that I gave instructions for. The theory was that this would make it easier to refer to them in the future. And of course, some button designs do already have names, such as the Death Head and Dorset Crosswheel. So, I felt that I was keeping up a tradition. 

For this challenge, I felt it best to continue this. And actually, it is quite hard! I am treating it like the naming of art (particularly the ones that are my own designs). Some days I really do struggle to find a good name. Especially with the knowledge that that is it - if I publish instructions at a future date, there's no changing it. So, every morning, my first cup of coffee is spent with this challenge. 

One Button a Day 2016 buttons by Gina BarrettThe naming has also caused some issues amongst button collectors. Many of these don't know about passementerie buttons at all (they tend to all be named 'fabric', 'crochet' or 'worked' regardless), and naming one of my buttons with the word 'star' caused some comments. I still haven't found out why exactly, though other button collectors seemed to know. :) I think I have alot to learn.

I've been asked about instructions, and yes, there are plans to publish later on in the year. I'll also be posting up tutorials over the next couple of months for a few basic buttons. 

I know that many of you follow the One Button a Day postings on social media (I post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram each day), but what you may not know is that if you click through to the link you will come back to this website. Here, you can click through and find out more about a particular button - if it is based on an historical example for instance, or if it is a design I have already published. You'll also be given information on the materials used. 

Thanks so much to everyone who is following so far! On social media use the tag #onebuttonaday to find the images. Here's to the rest of the year! 

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