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Wordless Wednesday: Tassel 19th Century Tassel 08.103.54


The Metropolitan Museum of Art:
Date: 19th century
Culture: French
Medium: Cotton and silk
Dimensions: L. 10 inches 25.4 cm
Classification: Textiles-Trimmings
Credit Line: Rogers Fund, 1908

Textile Tuesday: Temari Balls and Yubinuki

Temari by Gina BarrettIf nothing else ever comes from my journey through hand worked textiles, then the people I have met along the way will have made it all worth it. Especially these days. The internet really has made it a very small world!

A few months back I mentioned my new found interest in temari balls, and the similarity to the work involved in them to the original button making techniques. I love the way in which skills develop in different countries, and how they evolve, often quite independently. There are many different hand works skills that illustrate this. 

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Throwback Thursday: The U.F.O. (UnFinished Object)

Many of you will know that we have recently moved. Very recently in fact; I still haven't finished unpacking some things! But in actual fact it was the packing and sorting that led to a few interesting discoveries. 

Embroidery sampler by Gina BarrettWe'd been at the other house for a lifetime, and add that to two people with alot of hobbies and interests, and you end up with a lot of sorting out to do. I have found quite a few things that can be sold, much was thrown away, I discovered I had a little bit more of a fabric stash then I thought - and enough undyed silk thread to justify calling myself a hoarder. 

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Textile Tuesday: Fit for a Queen (or two)

Gold & silk Catherine Parr tassel by Gina Barrett

I am really lucky in that I know some fantastic costumiers. That means that every once in a while I am able to work on some really wonderful items of passementerie as accessories to a special project, be that buttons, tassels, or braids. My most recent have been girdle tassels.


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