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The fun of experimenting

I'm a real believer in trying things out. It is really how I have learnt most of the techniques that I know, and I even have some failures that are nice enough for me to keep and wonder if perhaps I have come up with something new! 

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Still buttoning!

Well, what a flurry it has been since the launch of Buttons: A Passementerie Workshop Manual

Star buttons by Gina BarrettThe Create & Craft launch went really well, and thank you to all of you who tuned in and emailed in. I explained over on the Facebook page that I am not able (due to data protection laws) to take away any emails with personal details. I did take the time out to read those that weren't able to be read out during the show and they were lovely! I did get one question - which I think just happened to be answered on air, but I will discuss it below. As always it was a really fun show, Leonie is a star and I was able to chat with a few familiar faces in the Green Room (you never know who you might spot there!)

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Counting down 'til the Buttons launch

It has been a pretty hectic weekend - there's alot to do to get ready for the launch of Buttons. Not least that I've agreed that with Create & Craft that initial stock supplied to them will be signed! :)

I know that many of you are wondering what's to expect with the book, especially when compared to the dvds. There are of course the obvious things, in that a book has a different type of info. 

The book does include what I would consider 'basic' buttons - the Death's Head, and basic Dorset buttons in the same way as the dvds do. But there are also quite a few of the more complicated designs, those that need perhaps more time to think about what is happening - which is where an illustration can help. 

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Vegetable Ivory Button Moulds!

Part of the process of working on Buttons: A Passementerie Workshop Manual  has been trying to find the Tagua buttons moulds by Gina-B Silkworkscorrect materials. Many of the designs and techniques shown in the book are commonly worked over very specific mould shapes. This is fine for someone like me who scours auction sites for antique button moulds, it is no good for anyone who cannot get the originals.

So, after much searching, design and searching some more - including having a major set back when one manufacturer went into receivership after we were sure we have the perfect solution - we have finally managed to have some lovely button moulds manufactured for us, using vegetable ivory.

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