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The sun has finally arrived!

At last! I don't know about you, but I was beginning to think that spring would never arrive here in the UK. I have to say that I do find it a little odd to be looking at daffs on the May Bank Holiday, but at least there are flowers to look at finally. 

Lots of buttons!

(above: Lots of buttons - laid out for the photo session)

I have been rather quiet here on the site, but that is only because things have really been in full swing recently. For those of you who do not follow my Facebook page - here's the reason - I've been working full swing on my forthcoming book!

Illustrating Buttons: A passementerie workshop manual

Buttons: a passementerie workshop manual is complete! Over 100 buttons are shown, with step by step illustrations, and there are suggestions for even more. The idea of the manual has been to show the steps in a way in which I hope will enable the reader to learn the processes, not just individual designs.

As soon as the final details are confirmed, I will of course be posting here and on social networking

I'm not leaving anyone out though - there will also be a new dvd - with new buttons - who'd have thought there could be so many?!

And, coming very soon, a series of kits, materials and even a new web shop. 

So, as they say, watch this space!

Tassels and knots

I hope that everyone is keeping warm and well! The weather seems to be playing up for many of use - I hear it is very hot in those places where it is currently summer, with risks of wildfires, and such severe floods, well, it seems we are all getting something extreme just recently. Though of course, I am of an age where my memory tells me that all winters were snowy and cold... !

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A cold and icy day in January...

Happy new year! The holidays now seem such a long time ago, don't they? I'm currently sitting looking out of the window at a very white world. I hope that you are all managing to keep warm.

January can be a hard time to focus on being creative - although technically the days are getting longer, it often seems as though the sun is never coming out. There's usually a patch of bad weather, one to make you want to eat cake and site by some heat! One of my favourite ways of getting the creative juices flowing I discovered quite by accident-

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Rain, rain, go away!

My goodness, this has been a wet year. I live at the top of a hill and the ground seems to have been sodden forever - I can't imagine how bad it must be at lower levels. Fruit-wise, it has been a terrible year - last year I  had such a surplus I made chutney's and pickles, but this year nothing. I would rather have cold and snow than constant rain.

Still, bad weather does mean that we can all give ourself the excuse to stay in the warm and make things! 

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