CreatiFrame: How to remove a woven piece

CreatiFrame: How to remove a woven piece

One of the first questions that many people ask when seeing the Creatiframe is 'Can I take the woven piece off to use without the frame?'

Although the concept behind the CreatiFrames is to keep the work on the frame and create a little work of art, with a little bit of care when setting up, most work can be removed to be used differently.

Here, I'll illustrate weaving, using a 001 frame. If you choose an open frame, a piece of card over the opening with be very helpful. 

It is important to remember not to warp too tightly, or you may distort the CreatiFrame. Use a shed stick if you are worried about your tension, to help ensure that there is a little bit of give.

Instead of warping around the slots and to the front of the CreatiFrame, take the warp thread around the back of the frame each time. 

When weaving, don't use the side slots. (Experienced weavers will understand how they can be used, but that is for another time). Just work back and forth according to your design. Take care not to pull the side selvedges in!

When the weaving has been completed, turn the CreatiFrame, and cut the long warp threads at the middle. Don't cut the weave! Carefully remove the threads from the slots on the frame.

These long ends can now be treated like the warp threads on any other woven piece. Try knotting them to create a fringe, or plaiting them.