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Build your own Ribbon and Tablet Loom Kit
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  • Description

    Build your own Tablet weaving loom!

    This kit contains everything you need to build your own wooden tablet weaving loom - no woodworking skills required.

    This loom can be used for a wide variety of narrow ware weaving, from simple ribbons using the rigid heddle to tablet weaving, tapestry, soumak and fancy passementerie including fringes.

    This build it yourself ribbon & tablet loom has been designed to be easy to assemble and easy to use.

    You’ll be able to weave ribbons and ties and, because this loom has two rollers to support the warp (the long threads) your hands are free to work fancier designs.

    The loom comes with a rigid heddle which can be used for a variety of bands, including fringes and other trimmings. The heddle is raised or lowered to change the shed. This method is often referred to as inkle weaving - modern inkle looms use strings instead of a rigid heddle - but the end product is the same.

    There’s also a pick-up shuttle for complex designs.

    The kit also comes complete with 12 weaving tablets. Tablet weaving is an ancient way of weaving strong bands for decoration and practical uses. It may have been used by the ancient Egyptians; the Celts wove starting bands for their cloaks, while the Vikings created complex threaded-in designs. The technique was used to create the intricate gold brocade bands used in the medieval church, monochromatic girdles and so much more.

    • Full instructions for assembly, getting started using the loom and weaving patterns for both types are included.
    • Includes all parts, in birch ply, so the loom can be finished and treated as any other wood product (staining and waxing looks lovely!)
    • Includes glue!
    • Full instructions and patterns are included, as well as some thread to get you started
    • Learn a new - yet ancient - craft!
    • Make beautiful bands for journal ties, collars, bag straps, bookmarks, key fobs, trimmings and so much more!

    Kit contains:

    • Birch ply laser cut easy to assemble 2 roller loom (all parts)
    • DryFast PVA glue
    • sandpaper
    • 4 balls of cotton perle No 5 thread (colours may vary)
    • 12 weaving tablets
    • 1 rigid heddle
    • 1 plain shuttle
    • 1 pick up shuttle
    • 1 threading wire
    • two-part bobbin spools
    • full instructions
    • Patterns for weaving both inkle and tablet bands


    • When assembled, the loom is approx 57.5 cm long x 20.5cm (high) x 15.5cm wide
    • roller area: 12.5 cm
    • space between rollers :42cm
    • tablet size: 4cm