Dazzle - Starry Night Dazzle

8wt, 6-ply rayon thread with a silky feel and a strand of metallic thread. It is comparable in size to a #8 perle.
The thread is made up of 3 toned rayon twisted with 1 strand of metallic.

These colours are designed by Kim Rado Starry Night Hollow

Great for buttons and tassels, hand stitching and embellishment, kumihimo, French knitting, knitting and crochet, bead work, couching, as a brocade weft in tablet weaving, and so much more. It can be used for bobbinwork only in a machine - or as a couched thread.

Needle sizes
Hand - #22 Chenille / #22 tapestry / 1.5-2mm crochet hook / 1.5-2mm knitting needles
Machine - Not recommended

For hand embroidery - Use a cut length no more that fingertip to elbow. If thread curls, run a damp sponge along the length of the cut thread and leave to dry. Alternatively, run damp cotton wool along the length

Hand knit items require blocking

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