Ribbonwork Flower Comb "Holbein" Ribbon Ruching Tools 10 & 31 by Gina-B Silkworks

Code RT1031
Flower Comb "Holbein" Ribbon Ruching Tools 10 & 31
Code RT1031
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  • Description

    Flower Comb Ribbon Ruching Tools #10 & #31

    Tool 10 has uneven waves, while tool 31 has shallow scallops for use with ribbon widths of  10mm, 15mm and 25mm or wider.

    Pack contains two clear acrylic ruching template tools. Each tool is double edges with a unique design.

    The images show ruched ribbon made with each template edge, and flowers made by joining these ribbons into a circle.

    The Flower Comb Range brings the age-old technique of ribbon ruching up-to-date with acrylic templates to enable perfect repeats across a length of ribbon or fabric. Simply mark along the design, stitch with a running stitch, gather up the stitches, and join the ends together to make a flower.

    Each main Flower Comb template has two repeatable patterns. Some patterns are very traditional, such as the scallop in the “Sovereign” set, while others are new. Each creates a different pattern in the textile when gathered – from tight designs perfect for little leaves and swags, to puffy designs for petals and bows.

    Lengths of ribbon or fabric can be gathered to create flowers or trim, or use the templates to gather smaller pieces to make individual petals for more complex flowers.

    Perfect for a variety of craft disciplines: Paper craft – sewing – home décor – embellishment – quilting – trimmings – costume - clothing

    • Create beautiful ribbon flowers with ease!
    • 4 steps for simple flowers: Mark – Stitch – Gather – Join
    • Templates for repeatable designs without measuring
    • Each template has two patterns – so each pack contains 4 different patterns
    • Make unusual ruffles and gathers in fabric
    • Updating a centuries-old technique
    • Make embellishments to match your project
    • Experiment with advanced techniques 
    • No sewing machine required
    • Use with ribbon or fabric

    Ribbon ruching – gathering ribbons to create dimension and interest – had it's first real popularity in the 18th century. Gowns were decorated with elaborate lengths of fabric, gathered to create flounces and ruffles. Flowers made from these gathered strips were also made. Using the techniques to create flowers remained popular – with a real resurgence in the 1920s & 1930s.

    Traditionally, the repeatable patterns that were then stitched were fairly simple – zig zags or scallops. However, each needs to be measured out evenly along the length of ribbon or fabric to ensure the final strips are even – particularly when making flowers.

    These templates have been designed to make the marking stage easier. Simply draw around the repeat, move the template along, and draw again – for the entire length, be it 20cm or 2m! Some templates also have new patterns, creating shapes that would have been difficult to freehand draw in the past, but create beautiful and interesting folds in ribbons and fabrics.