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RSN Essential Sticth Guide: Stumpwork - Kate Stinton (Lg format)
2021-04-20 16:28
The Royal School of Needlework teaches hand embroidery to the highest standard, developing techniques in new and innovative ways. Written by RSN appre
RSN Essential Stitch Guide: Whitework - Lizzy Lansberry (Lg format)
2021-04-20 16:25
The Royal School of Needlework teaches hand embroidery to the highest standard, developing techniques in new and innovative ways. Written by RSN appre
Crochet Snowflakes Step-by-Step Caitlin Sainio
2021-04-20 16:21
With their lacy textures and regular geometry, snowflakes are a perennial favourite among crocheters. In this book, a collection of 40 gorgeous snowf
Stamp Set : Buttonflies Butterfly [#1017] : 14 stamps
2021-03-19 18:26
Stamping isn’t just for papercraft! A selection of pretty butterflies in a variety of sizes and styles for perfect sets of embroidered buttons. Sim
Almanac Maker Journal Template Tool (Bat Books)
2021-03-19 17:37
This unique template tool has been designed to help you to make almanac style journals and bat books in two sizes, starting with A4 or A5 sized paper.
Ring Button Moulds No 132 - Large Concentric Ring Set - MDF
2021-03-19 16:43
Two sets of 5 MDF concentric rings. The largest ring is 65mm, the smallest, 33mm Perfect for doodle buttons and bottle cap buttons. Pack contains 10
Embroidered Zwirnknopfe Button Journal Kit
2021-02-23 16:35
Working embroidery onto a ring button has a long history - after all, that’s what a Dorset wheel is! When the foundation button is wrapped using th
Tornado Coiling & Twisting Tools
2021-02-23 16:34
These tools make the prep for ganutell and wirework easy! This pack contains 3 coiling tools to aid in the creation of perl (cannetille) wire in 3 si
Ganutell Prepared Thread Flower Kit
2021-02-23 16:12
Learn how to make beautiful and delicate passementerie flowers from wire and thread. This kit contains all of the materials required to make a selecti
Finca Perle Cotton Ball - Size 8 - # 3405 (Blue)
2021-02-22 16:23
This lovely mercerised perle (pearl/perl) cotton thread from Presencia is a pleasure to work with. It is perfect for buttons, braids and tassels, weav
Soutache Braid, 3mm - Magenta (per metre)
2021-02-17 12:06
Quality viscose soutache (Russia) braid, suitable for a wide range of passementerie projects. This braid is very flexible and has a soft sheen, while
Circle Stacker Button Moulds No 124 (25mm) MDF x 4 sets
2021-02-12 16:37
Button mould stacker set designed to be glued together to form shapes suitable for soutache and braid. This set is the one used for the "Tri-wrap" bu

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Gina-B Silkworks designs and produces a variety of craft kits, books, DVDs and other items with an emphasis on handwork & passementerie (textile trimmings). We also stock a range of tools & materials for these crafts. Gina also makes bespoke items to commission.