Spool Rack with Spools (Ply)

£ 9.99 each
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Keep the threads you are using close by and tidy with this pretty spool rack!

Part of the Gina-B Craft Builds range, this easy to assemble spool rack comes with 10 two-part spools. These unique, decorative spools are reminiscent of Victorian sewing equipment, and are the perfect size to hold one skein (8m) of stranded cotton embroidery thread.

The rack holds 10 of these spools and has decorative elements to match the spools.

The pieces are made of birch ply, which can be sanded and waxed, or painted to match your decor.


  • pieces to make one spool rack with feet & support
  • parts to make 10 decorative thread spools
  • small piece of sandpaper

Sizes: Rack when made - 9cm x 21cm / spools approx 5cm

Note: image shows finished, decorated item.