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Button Backing Cards and Mounts CD-ROM

£ 8.99 each
  • Description

This CD rom contains a original artwork in pdf format to print out a huge variety of button cards to mount handmade buttons for selling on, craft fairs, internet, displays or for attractive methods of storage.

Also includes a massive selection of original backing mounts in four sizes for displaying complete sets of handmade buttons or button collections.

Backing Cards - 411 variations, in three sizes- Modern and traditional designs in a variety of colourways to suit all button styles

Button Mounts in four sizes and various colourways - 179 total variations.

Buttons, especially handmade ones, have always been displayed on cards. Originally these were simple coloured cards, to show the quality of the button - whether they were 'seconds' or not. Later, buttons became branded and a wide variety of different cards were produced by companies. The selection here is the perfect way for the modern button maker to display their creations.

The button mounts have been directly inspired by button collectors' competition trays - displays of buttons of a type, colour, or style. The wide variety included on this disc can be used not only for hand made buttons, but also for other button collections, or even beads and other small items. They can also be further worked - stamped, embossed, coloured and so on, to create the perfect display for your buttons. Button mounts are designed for 6x6", 8x8", A4 and A5 sized pages (cutting lines are also shown). 

The CD-rom contains pdf files, so a pdf reader is necessary. This is a pc cd rom (win xp and above) - but the pdf files can be accessed on a mac.

(Main image shows an example of the printed cards - buttons are not included!)

CD is packed in a clam shell case and security sealed.

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