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Lotsoknots Animali Decorative Textile Hangers MHA01

£ 7.99 each
  • Description

These intricate MDF textile hangers have been designed so that you can create beautiful mini hanging using fine macramé pieces. They can also be used with other textile techniques - netting, weaving, embroidery - even for other technigues such as beading.

The finished pieces can be used as stand alone mini works of art, or as toppers and embellishment on other projects.

Each hanger includes an area to attach the work - macramé for instance can be worked directly onto the hanger. The tops of each have animal designs.

Part of the Gina-B Silkworks Lotsoknots range - focusing on decorative knotting tools and materials

Sizes as follows:

  • Butterfiles 04 - (13cm x 6cm approx)
  • Cats 02 - (11cm x 5.5cm approx)
  • Cats 03 - (10cm x 5.5cm approx)
  • Rabbits 01 - (10 cm x 5cm approx)
  • Dogs 02 - (10cm x 4.5cm approx)
  • Swans 01 - (13.5cm x 7cm approx)
  • Birds 01 - (10cm x 5.5cm approx)
  • Birds 02 - (11.5cm x 4.5cm approx)
  • Fish 04 - (10cm x 4cm approx)

The finished examples shown are for inspiration purposes only

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