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Necklace by Gillian McMurray for Gina-B Silkworks

As many of you know, design team member Gillian McMurray is an excellent bead maker - she sells her own range - and she enjoys experimenting with different material when making beads. As a member of the team, she has used many materials with both the Paper Bead Stencil kit and the Paperlathe system. 

This necklace is not only stunning to look at, but very interesting due to the variety of materials she has used to create the beads. We thought that you might like to see what she has achieved!

With the Paperlathe system, Gillian used the designs as templates to create beads from painted kitchen paper, and made a paper bead that she then coated in texture paste. With the Bead Stencil, Gillian used Tyvek and Lutradur as bases to create beads with added texture. The painted kitchen paper was also used, as was acrylic paint to add colour and dimension. Gillian also rolled out polymer clay, using the stencil as a guide to score the shapes. She then rolled them around a mandrel and 'baked as usual', to add yet another texture!

As you can see from the final necklace, the addition of other focal beads, and glass spacers along with a ring button pendant has created a lovely necklace, which I can assure you is also very tactile.

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