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I was once told that there is never a book published without at least one error...

pg 22 - Dorset Basket traditional should read "Lay 6 pairs for 12....."

This will be corrected in the next reprint.

We are really pleased to announce the first in a series of books is now available!

Dorset Ring Buttons contains step-by-step photos and easy to follow text instructions to create 76 different ring button designs - all using the Dorset methods.

There are traditional designs, "modern traditionals" as well as some new designs - and ides for variations as well. 

* 76 beautiful buttons

* full colour step-by-step instructions

* finishing & variation ideas included

  • A5 / 68 pages
  • full colour throughout
  • step-by-step instructions
  • 398 photographs
  • 22 illustrations

Button making is the perfect mindful / take anywhere craft

Add an original statement to clothing

Make beautiful buttons to embellish your other crafts

Perfect to use for jewellery making

Learn traditional and modern designs

Photographic instructions for visual learners

The first in the new "Making Button" series of books

Button designs included:
Dorset Crosswheel * Dorset Crosswheel variation * Dorset Crosswheel variation 2 * Blandford Cartwheel * Dorset Basket * Old Blandford * Lychett Basket * Besketweave * Mite * Old Dorset * Honeycomb * Woven Wheel * Maltese Cross * Yarrell * Yarrell Variation * Nautical * Pinwheel * Small Pinwheel * Wide Flower * Flower Type 1 * Double Flower * Flower Type 2 * Petal * Flower Type 3 * Templar Cross * Encased Star * Open Star * Swanston * Ammonite * Ammonite variation * Eddy * Swirl * Triskele * Triskele Colours * Eruption * Chain Stitch * Cogwheel * Double Chain * Daisy Chain * Spoked * Basket Chain * Water Wheel * Open Basket * Windwheel * Barley Basket * Spinning Wheel * Rainbow Swirl * Rainbow * Flower Basket * Dorset Posy * Dorset Tree * Tree of Life * Blossom Tree * Flower Row * Flower Garden * Spangle * Beads Spokes * Beaded Rounding * Liberty * Birds Eye Mite * Birds Eye * Ribbed Birds Eye * Singleton a * Singleton B * Singleton C * Singleton D * Singleton E * Singleton F * Dotted Singleton * Spider Web * Trinket * Carolus * Singleton Pinwheel * Singleton Wheel * Filigree * Star & Dot


Please remember, names of traditional designs can vary

Thank you all for your continued support during these trying times.

We are still here, but please note that the UK is again in full lockdown, this is likely to continue until February. This means that we will be shipping only once or twice a week - enabling us to work from home at the other times and stay within government guidelines. We are working hard to ensure that no one waits too long for their order to be sent. 

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Basically, this means we cannot ship to any European country while France has closed borders, as the Royal Mail will not accept post.

This situation is expected to change quite soon, but with the Christmas holidays upon us, it is likely that no European (and perhaps other) overseas shipping will be able to be made until January 4th.

Thank you for your understanding and your continued support through this year. 

We hope that you all have a safe and happy Christmas.



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