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Halloween Tassel Gina-B Silkworks

Why not try something a little fun while practising your passementerie skills?

You'll need the following -
Paperlathe® Tassel & Bead system (plus paper, glue, etc)
Making Tassels DVD (Volume 1 or 2*)
Various fancy and textured threads
1m gimp thread
Halloween confetti or similar shapes
Fine silk or machine embroidery thread in orange
Basic tassel making equipment
(*Should you wish to make wired gimp, you will require Volume 2, while instructions for gimp and 3 element cords can be found on Making Braids & Cords)

This tassel is a bit of fun and really quite simple. Use fashion thread for the skirt - anything will do - to add texture and interest. This is a great way to use up those extra bits left over from other projects as well! The little plastic spiders and other motifs are from a bag of halloween confetti - have a look around the shops for little things that you can add to the tassel.

Please note that this tutorial will assume that you already have the Paperlathe® and at least one of the Making Tassels dvds, as the actual techniques referred to will not be shown. You can purchase these in the Gina-B Shop.

Begin by printing out Paperlathe® pattern number 110. Cut out the pattern strips. Roll & glue according to the instructions using the 10mm dia rod, HOWEVER, begin with strip number 2. (Discard strip 1, it is not required - nor is strip 22 or the additional small strips).

When your mould is complete, leave to dry. While the mould is drying, prepare the other parts.

Using machine embroidery thread or fine silk, prepare two warps of 2.25m and 14 ends. (This is only a guide and will depend on your thread).

Roll these onto a spool for later. Using the medium tassel board, wrap your chosen skirt threads around the short side (10cm). As a guide, I used a 20/2nm wool in black and orange - each wrapped 150 times, and then a random selection of other threads over this. Tie the threads together tightly with strong thread, but there is no need to add a cord or neck binding to this bundle.

Now, make a 3 element cord using 50cm of gimp, 10 ends of fine green and 10 ends of fine black silk or machine embroidery thread. Fold this cord in half to create a loop and tightly knot the two ends. Trim any excess thread beneath the knot.

Sew the bundle of skirt threads onto the cord securely at the knotted end.

When the mould is completely dry, use the fine warps to satin wrap the mould. You will have some of the warp left over. When the mould has been satin wrapped, barre the remaining gimp thread to create the lines.

Using threading wire, take the cord up through the decorated mould. Add some clear drying glue to the knot of the cord and top of the skirt threads and then ensure that the knot and the top of the skirt threads go inside of the mould. Use a stick if you need to in order to push some of the skirt into the mould. The glue, when dry, will help to ensure that everything remains in place.

Now, make a short length of gimp wire by covering a length of wire with the warp left over from the satin wrapping and an extra length of green thread. Ensure that the ends of the threads are well glued to the wire - add some binding to the ends if necessary for a neat finish. When dry, coil this around a stick loosely to create a 'vine', and the wrap one end of this around the cord at the top of the tassel mould. This will serve to hide the hole. Finish by using a clear drying glue, glue any halloween shapes to the tassel and tassel mould as required.

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