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CreatiFrame Pincushion Box

The CreatiFrame Hinged Trinket Box can easily be made into a little sewing or jewellery box with a pincushion on the top. This article will show you how.

You will need:

1 x CreatiFrame Hinged Trinket Box (small)
1 x CreatiFrame 001-S-O 

materials to decorate the box and frame, glue, threads, wire, a small piece of wadding or scraps to stuff the cushion.

First, assemble according to the instructions and decorate the outside of the trinket box. Take care that the hinged lid is able to be opened when adding any decoration. Do not decorate the inside of the lid yet - this should be completed after the CreatiFrame has been attached.

This box has been decorated with napkins, one layer glued into place with pva and then sealed with Pinflair glaze. In these images, the edges and inside are yet to be completed. 

The small trinket box has holes at the top to allow a small CreatiFrame to be fitted to it. For a pincushion, a plain weave works very well, so style 001 is a good choice. The frame should be open - otherwise you will not be able to add the wadding!

Work the weave on the CreatiFrame. Try to work a loose weave - in this example the weave is quite tight, so only a very small amount of wadding can be placed beneath it. If you think that you may have difficulty working the weave so that it is loose, try adding the wadding first, and then work the weaving over this. That will help to give a fuller cushioned top.

Place the wadding into the open space under the frame, and hold in place with some thread. You only need enough to keep the wadding in place. Try not to build up the threads at the back too much.

Cut 4 lengths of wire about 20cm long. Use the wire to attach the CreatiFrame to the top of the box. In this example I have taken the wire up from underneath the lid (through the two holes) over the frame corner and back down. Do this for each corner, and then slowly tighten. 

You'll need to tighten opposite corners to get the frame to lie as close to the top of the lid as possible. 

When tight, twist the wire ends together underneath to hold them. I have also twisted the ends to each other, forming a square on the interior, just so that there is a little extra wire holding everything in place. Trim the wire close and flatten it against the box lid.

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