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CreatiFrame Mini Quilt Block

Taking you through the steps to create a mini quilt with an interesting frame finish. Any pieces of patchwork will work; simply adjust the size to fit your chosen frame.

You'll need:

One CreatiFrame 004 (open)
A heat gun
Paint, inks, etc to colour the frame
A printed serviette (napkin)
One patchwork block, worked to a size to fit your chosen frame
Piece of backing fabric, the same size as the block
Wadding, sized to fit the opening of the CreatiFrame
Bias binding

The usual craft & sewing tools, such as scissors, thread, etc.

Decorating the frame 

Begin by painting the CreatiFrame. It is a good idea to paint the back of the frame first and let it dry thoroughly, before working on the front of the frame. A plainer finish can work well for the back.

Here, the CreatiFrame has been painted with white acrylic paint, and the edges slightly coloured using watercolour.

Separate the serviette - you only need the top printed layer, all of the rest can go.

Liberally rub beeswax over the surface of the frame. Gently melt the wax, and place pieces of the serviette onto the melted wax. You will probably need to keep melting as you position the pieces. When the frame has been covered, melt the wax thoroughly to ensure that the serviette soaks up as much of the wax as possible. 

You need to take care at this stage, as the serviette can move until it has been fully fixed.

When cool, carefully add more beeswax if any areas do not seem to be fully coated - repeat this until a layer of wax is on the surface of the frame and the serviette fully encased. You'll see that I have used a natural, yellow beeswax which does give the finish a slight colour, use a fully clear craft beeswax if you prefer to avoid this.

When cool, cut or tear any excess from the edges, heating and adding a bit more wax if required to ensure the edges are neat.

When completely cool, buff with a soft cloth to create a soft sheen.

To add a patchwork quilt block:

The finished block and backing fabric should measure at least 1 cm larger than the centre opening of the frame, while the wadding should be the size of the opening (or slightly smaller).

Using quilter's pins, make the sandwich, with right side out and the wadding centrally placed.

Attach binding around the edges to close the sandwich and create the finished block. When adding the binding, treat the back of the block as the front as this will be seen when the block has been sewn to the frame.

Stitch the block to the frame using the holes. Keep the block even and the wadding at the centre. You may find it easier to tack the corners into place first. 

Go around the stitches a second time to create a solid line on the frame. (You can see this more clearly on the photo of the back below).

When the block has been secured to the frame, you can begin the hand quilting. Using the frame in this way will help to keep the block neat and in place as you quilt.

Try to work the quilting stitches from the centre out where ever possible.

Make straight stabbing stitches. Using a Creatiframe in this way also means that you can see both the front and the back as you work the quilting stitches to help to keep the lines straight.

A nice finishing touch is to work back and forth under the holding stitches on the front of the CreatiFrame with decorative thread to create a loop pattern.

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