Chenille Flower Kit

£ 22.99 each
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Ganutell Chenille Work is a form of passementerie that is used for tactile flowers and decorative fillers, often to imitate velvet. During the nineteenth century, these techniques were used to create memento pictures and arrangements using hair - of family, friends, or a lost loved one. This ancient technique can be seen on medieval shrines and is still used today to create ruffs and pompoms in tassel making.

In this kit you will find all of the materials and instructions to create seven different flowers using these traditional techniques.

Finished flowers can be used together to create posies, jewellery such as brooches, embellishments and for ornamentation on other crafts.

Can be used in conjunction with the Gina-B Silkworks’ Petal & Leaf Jig to aid in petal shaping (optional)


  • 40m copper wire
  • 5 skeins cotton embroidery thread
  • 3mm stick
  • beads
  • full instructions

(thread colours may vary)