DMC Satin Thread - Col S321

£ 1.25 each
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DMC's Satin Embroidery Thread is the glossiest DMC embroidery thread. Crafted from 100% rayon fibres this intensely coloured shiny thread really glides through fabric. With six easily separated size 25 strands, DMC Satin is perfect for surface embroidery and adding depth to your project.

This thread works very well for ganutell, for satin wrapping button and tassel moulds, and any embroidery where a very shiny effect is required.

For easier handling, and greater control, try dampening DMC Satin embroidery thread with a moist cloth before you thread your needle. Or use a thread conditioner. If the thread becomes twisted while you stitch, simply drop your needle and let it unwind.

Care and Washing: DMC Satin Stranded Cotton is 100% colorfast. It can be washed multiple times at 60°C but please take into account the care instructions for the fabric you have embroidered.