Loop Button Backs No 151 - 27mm x 3 (choice of colours) BBN151-P_74

£ 1.99 each
  • Description

Button backs for use with hand crafted buttons - pack of 3 - 27mm

Designed and manufactured by Gina-B Silkworks using bio-plastic.

These button backs can be glued to the back of a button (use a strong glue such as gorilla glue) to create a nice finish. Best used with buttons that have a flat back to ensure the glue holds.

They are particularly good with braid & soutache buttons, where the central area needs to be covered.

They can also be covered with fabric and then glued or stitched to the button back for a couture finish. Great for creating "studio buttons" - enabling you to sign your work.

Made from a plastic which is classed as bio-plastic, being made from sustainable sources (commonly corn). 

Do not wash in high temperatures (a mild, lukewarm handwashing at most), do not tumble dry, keep away from high temperatures. 

Design No 151 ©GBS