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Stamp Set : Georgian Inspired Button Flowers [#1009] : 19 stamps GBST-1009

£ 10.99 each
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A selection of pretty flowers in a variety of sizes and styles for perfect sets of embroidered buttons!

Inspired by the beautifully embroidered buttons of the 18th century, this selection of flowers can be used to create beautifully embroidered button sets in a variety of sizes.

These stamps will work with the Button Border Stamps (#1008) to create very traditional looks - or think outside of the box and mix them up!

They can of course be used anywhere you need a little flower - including papercrafting.

  • 4 sizes pointy petal flowers
  • 3 sizes heart petal flowers with leaves
  • 2 sizes 4 leaf clovers
  • 3 sizes oval petal flowers
  • 3 sizes round petal flowers
  • 4 sizes tulip style flowers

New to stamping?
Polymer stamps require an acrylic mount (aka block) to use - gently peel the stamp from the sheet and place onto your block. When finished, wipe clean with a damp cloth and remove from the block, storing them on the original sheet.

Look out for our For The Needle range for more stamp sets and stamping accessories

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