One Button a Day 2016 - Button Designs Kit 3

£ 9.99 each
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A selection of 6 new button designs from Gina Barrett's One Button a Day challenge. This time the subject is ring buttons, and includes the traditional Dorset Crosswheel

Learn how to make beautiful passementerie buttons!

The challenge was to post an image of a passementerie button, hand crafted by Gina, every day for the whole year. You can see the buttons by clicking the link on the top band.

The instructions included in this kit are clear, concise and simple to follow. These step-by-step instructions will show you how to make stunning buttons!

Kit contains thread (colours may vary), beeswax, needle and button moulds, as well as a 12 page instruction booklet


Designs included-

  • The Dorset Crosswheel (to get you started)
  • Day 79: Propeller
  • Day 105: Clementis
  • Day 149: Turret
  • Day 208: Eddy
  • Day 264: Chain Stitch
  • Day 220: Cogwheel