Scalloped Ring Button Mould No 148 - 35mm & 20mm x 2 (choice of colours) SB05-148_76

£ 1.99 each
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Scalloped ring button moulds

Pack of 4 - 2 large, 2 small

35mm & 20mm

Designed and manufactured by Gina-B Silkworks using bio-plastic.

Perfect for creating unusual Dorset and zwirnknopf buttons, these scalloped edge rings can either be covered with thread, or left showing, as you can see from the example image shown. The scallops also make it helpful if you struggle with traditional zwirnknopf wrapping, as they hold the spokes for you! 

Made from a plastic which is classed as bio-plastic, being made from sustainable sources (commonly corn). 

Do not wash in high temperatures (a mild, lukewarm handwashing at most), do not tumble dry, keep away from high temperatures. 

Design No 148 ©GBS