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A-Z Wool Embroidery - Country Bumpkin 9781782211808

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The A-Z of Wool Embroidery is a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in this field of needlecraft.

Part of the bestselling A-Z series, this title explores the handiest stitches and techniques for use in the practice of wool embroidery.

Clear step-by-step instructions lead the reader through the stitches themselves; and beautiful designs created by readers of Inspirations magazines in Australia aid the reader in putting the techniques into practice.

A great accompaniment and follow-on to the A-Z of Embroidery Stitches.

Table of Contents

General information 4

Stitches and techniques
Algerian eye stitch 6
Back stitch 7
Battlement couching 8
Berlin work 9
Blanket stitch 10
Blanket stitch detached 11
Blanket stitch looped 12
Blanket stitch pinwheel 12
Blanket stitch twisted detached 14
Brick and cross filling 15
Bullion knot 16
Bullion knot loop 17
Bullion knot rose 18
Canvas work 20
Chain stitch 20
Cloud filling stitch 21
Colonial knot 22
Coral stitch 23
Couching 24
Cretan stitch 25
Crewel embroidery 26
Cross stitch 27
Detached back stitch 28
Detached chain 29
Ermine filling stitch 30
Fishbone stitch 30
Florentine embroidery 31
Fly stitch 31
Fly stitch leaves 32
French knot 33
Ghiordes knot 33
Granitos 35
Laid work 36
Long and short stitch 37
Moss stitch 38
Needlepoint 39
Outline stitch 39
Palestrina stitch 40
Pompom 41
Rope stitch 42
Rosette stitch 43
Roumanian stitch 44
Running stitch 45
Satin stitch 46
Scroll stitch 47
Seed stitch 47
Soft shading 48
Spider web rose 49
Split stitch 50
Split back stitch 50
Stem stitch 51
Stem stitch whipped 51
Straight gobelin stitch 52
Straight stitch 52
Tent stitch continental 53
Tent stitch half cross 54
Trellis couching 55
Velvet stitch 56
Wool rose 57
Woven filling stitch 59

Designs 60

Patterns 112

Index 126

Acknowledgements 128

900 illustrations - 128pp


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