Smøyg - Yvette Stanton

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Smøyg - Yvette Stanton

Learn how to create 13 beautiful embroidered pieces by award-winning embroiderer Yvette Stanton, inspired by traditional Norwegian embroidery

From the award-winning embroiderer who introduced you to some of the world’s most exquisite forms of traditional embroidery, comes a new how-to guide full of colourful images and enticing projects to help you discover the beauty of Norwegian pattern darning. Pattern darning is a simple technique, and beginners through to experienced stitchers will find much to delight in this book.

In Yvette Stanton’s book Smøyg: Pattern Darning from Norway, you will

  • explore where smøyg can be found in Norway and where it features on traditional clothing and textiles
  • enjoy many photographs featuring historical examples of smøyg
  • learn the stitches and techniques of smøyg with clear step-by-step instructions and detailed diagrams
  • be inspired by 13 original projects, from small through to large, with a range of useful and beautiful applications.

If you love colourful, geometric folk embroidery, this is the book for you.

Table of Contents

What is smøyg?  5
Where is smøyg found?  6
History  7
Smøyg basics  8
Items featuring smøyg embroidery  9 
Motifs  22
Same design, different colours  3
Fabric  24
Thread  25
Needles  26
Projects  27
Stitches and techniques  65
Appendix: fabric and thread compatibility  100
Image credits  103
Index  104


Size: 195mm x 275mm

104 pages

850 illustrations