Yorkshire Buttons Booklet by Gina Barrett

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This full colour booklet shows how to make 16 different buttons using the Gina-B Silkworks Yorkshire Button templates - from the original style to some interesting “urchin” techniques.

Yorkshire buttons must be worked over a loom, and the examples in this booklet are made over the Gina-B Silkworks looms, currently available as our original kit and the Large Loom Pack for bigger buttons.

Variations are discussed as well as backing and other hints and tips. Designed to go with our “Making Buttons” series of books, this little booklet will help get you started making Yorkshire buttons and other embellishments using these easy techniques.

  • 23 pages
  • full colour throughout
  • step-by-step instructions
  • 63 photographs
  • 17 illustrations


Button making is the perfect mindful / take anywhere craft

Add an original statement to clothing

Make beautiful buttons to embellish your other crafts

Perfect to use for jewellery making

Photographic instructions for visual learners

This booklet is part of the “Making Buttons” series

Button designs included: 

Ribs Out * Flat Faced * Concentric ribbed stripes * Concentric flat stripes * vertical ribbed stripes * Woven vertical stripes * Check * Chain Stitch * Urchin A * Twist * Woven * Urchin B * Plait * Urchin C * Urchin D * Urchin E

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