Ganutell Flower Kit - Geranium

£ 13.99 each
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Everything you need to make a posy of Geraniums using ganutell techniques.

Ganutell is the name for small flowers created using a coiled wire. The word is derived from cannetille (French), cannotiglio (Italian), canotilla (Spanish) which means coiled wire. In English, we call this wire perl, because it resembles a string of beads when tight. 

This type of flower has been made in Europe since at least the 15th century - they were widely used to decorate churches and shrines. Variations are still used in modern passementerie to create trimmings, and traditional church decorations are still made in Malta. Victorian hair work often incorporated small flowers using the same techniques as the earlier silk decorations. 

  • This introductory kit will teach you how to make stunning passementerie flowers.
  • This modern design inspired by British flowers, uses one of the traditional techniques.
  • The flowers can make a pretty centrepiece or can be used individually in jewellery, tiaras and as embellishment.
  • Each kit contains perl wire, craft wire, threads, florist tape and full instructions.