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Hand Turned Domed Button Moulds No 13 (15mm) Tagua Nut x 4 BMN13-T

£ 2.99 each
  • Description

Domed tagua nut button moulds for passementerie button making, made exclusively for Gina-B Silkworks.

They are perfect for a wide variety of button styles, especially Victorian designs. They can also be used for Elizabethan and Stuart styles. 

  • 15mm (No 13)
  • Domed to approx 6mm high
  • single hole
  • Tagua Nut
  • Pack of 4

Tagua is a hard, 100% natural product that resembles bone or ivory (an alternative name for it is vegetable ivory). It is non-toxic and washable (although it should not be subjected to long soaking as it is vegetable!). It has a lovely grain - each button is slightly different.