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Ganutell Prepared Thread Flower Kit

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Learn how to make beautiful and delicate passementerie flowers from wire and thread. This kit contains all of the materials required to make a selection of different flowers.

The Prepared Thread method of making wire and thread flowers is one of the most flexible. Thread and wire is twisted together to form a strong ‘thread’ (the "prepared thread") that can be manipulated into a variety of petal shapes.

These shapes are a little more robust than spiral ganutell.

The technique is still widely used in Malta, and is perfect for flowers for bridal accessories and jewellery.

In this kit you will find all of the materials and instructions to create a variety of different petal shapes & flowers - and a wired butterfly - using these traditional techniques.

There's enough thread and wire to make a nice little posy (how many flowers will of course depend on which flowers you choose). Try mixing the designs and centres to create even more!


  • 40m copper craft wire
  • 5 skeins DMC cotton embroidery thread (colours may vary)
  • mixed bead selection
  • full instructions
  • winding stick


Ganutell is the name for small flowers created using wire and thread. One of the simplest forms of ganutell are the flowers created using a coiled wire. The word is derived form cannetile (French), cannotiglio (Italian) and canotilla (Spanish) – which means coiled wire. In English, we call this wire 'perl' because it resembles a string of beads when tight.

These coiled wire flowers have been made in Europe since at least the 15th century – they were used to decorate churches and shrines. Variations are still made in modern passementerie to use as embellishments, and traditional church decorations are still made in Malta using these techniques.


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