Kanzashi Hanabira Squares - 007 (Cotton)

£ 2.99 each
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Specially designed and printed cotton sheet for Kanzashi flowers

Japanese folded flowers traditionally use plain fabrics, while more modern makers use fabric with fine prints. These Hanabira (flower petal) squares have been designed by Gina-B Silkworks and are a new twist on the traditional flowers, allowing multi-coloured flowers to be created.

Design 007
Cotton fabric
Primary colours: Yellow, dark pink/purple

35 x 25mm squares (The Six Petal Spotted flower from Starter Petal pack one) with 5 x 15mm green 'leaf' squares

Simply cut out along the lines, fold and create your own stunning flowers. How you fold (round petal or pointed petal) is up to you - and each different way of folding the fabric will create a different looking petal.