Sagemon Template Tool : Dolls

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These little dolls made from fabric and threass are often hung from mobiles for Hinamatsuri (Girls' Day) in Japan. They have many regional names, some of which, such as tsurushikazari, are difficult for the English speaker. As recommended by a Japnese friend, we chose Sagemon, which is from the Yanagawa area, as it is easier to remember in English.

Dolls: Hina


Dolls of all types are used on mobiles. They are used to represent the child and good wishes for it. The bundled doll represents warm thoughts and being cherished - the crawling doll to grow up healthy and strong. Standing dolls represent the healthy child, and when richly dresses, the hope for a good marriage.

In some areas dolls were made entirely of white cotton. This was a valuable fabric at that time & represented the baby in an innocent state. Traditionally, the crawling doll is positioned at the bottom of many mobiles.

This tool will enable you to accurately mark the fabric pieces to make the components for these sweet little dolls, - the bundled, crawling and standing dolls. Full instructions are included.