Yubinuki Template Tool Kit

£ 17.99 each
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This complete kit contains everything you need to make beautiful Japanese embroidered thimbles. 

There is a reusable acrylic tool, with guidelines to cut the correct widths of bias fabric, facing and card, and each tool has a series of lines which enable the user to mark even divisions along the thimble, to ensure that the designs are evenly spaced. This can be used with designs requiring 16 divisions or less.

The instructions outline how to make the thimble itself, as well as how to decorate it using a herringbone stitch. Patterns for three traditional designs are included - 
Seigaiha : Waves
Nishoku-uroko : Scales
Yatara-jima : Stripes

This pack contains:

  • Glass edge effect acrylic tool
  • 3 skeins thread (1 filler - 2 decorative)
  • 2 needles
  • bias cut fabric strip
  • card
  • interfacing
  • and full instructions

Please note that thread and fabric colours may vary