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Total Trimmings Project Book Edition 2 and Monkeys Fist Jig TTBE2-17

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Total Trimmings Project Book Edition 2 : Decorative Knotting

This project book explores a variety of textile techniques that involve knotting. These decorative knots range from simple stitched edging through to fine lace & embellishments.

The projects will encourage you to use your new skills to make a range of finished pieces, whilst additional patterns are given so that you can move forward with your creations.

Techniques include:
ball buttons - flat knots - turks head knots - continuous knotting - macramé lace - knotted fringes - cavandoli - margarete lace - filet lace - knotted lace

The Monkey's Fist Jig included helps to create the perfect Monkey's fist knot in a variety of sizes. This is not currently sold separately.

Decorative knots have been with us for centuries. The earliest weavers dealt with cut warp threads by knotting them - the origins of what we today know as macramé. The Vikings knotted fine silver coiled wire to create garment decorations - the same knots are today used to create tassel embellishments by passementerie makers the world over. Medieval hairnets were embroidered with beautiful designs, while eastern European countries work needlework knots to create pretty edgings on cloths. Developments over the years have resulted in pretty variations such as Margarete lace and Cavandoli macramé.

This project book puts the basics of all of these techniques in one handy format - with step by step projects so that you can practice and learn each.

Knotted textiles can be used for embellishment, trimming - even for button making!


  • 1 full colour book with project ideas, how to's and patterns
  • 1 acrylic Monkey's Fist Jig with acrylic pegs & instructions

The Monkey's Fist Jig is part of the Gina-B Silkworks Lotsoknots range - focusing on decorative knotting tools and materials

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