Soutache & Bead Embroidery - Amee K, Sweet-McNamara

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Soutache & Bead Embroidery - Amee K, Sweet-McNamara Paperback 

Amee K. Sweet-McNamara introduces readers to an old material in a new way, where they can practice new embroidery skills, and create gorgeous, unique pieces of jewelry. Amee's secret ingredient is soutache, a type of colorful cord that she winds, binds, and stitches into place.

The first section of this book focuses on learning the techniques, while the second section teaches readers how to incorporate these techniques into beautiful soutache projects. With photos and illustrations taking the reader every step of the way, beginners will start with small earrings and work up to necklaces, cuffs, and pendants, while experienced stitchers can dive right into the new design ideas.

Size: 272mm x 209mm

96 pages

45 colour photographs