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The 1718 Coverlet (69 Quilt Blocks...) Susan Briscoe

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The 1718 Coverlet (69 Quilt Blocks from the Oldest Dated British Patchwork Coverlet)  Susan Briscoe Paperback

The coverlet is the earliest known British patchwork that has a date worked into it and forms a benchmark against which all other rare survivors of early 18th century patchwork can be compared. Learn how to piece each of the stunning 69 quilt blocks this unique book features a block directory and instructions for how to piece each of the blocks using the original mosaic piecing technique, as well as more accessible modern techniques. The traditional technique used to piece the blocks is known as 'Mosaic patchwork' and is a time-consuming method requiring the use of paper for templates. Some of the paper templates still remain in the coverlet and provide tantalising glimpses of printed and handwritten text including bills, letters and printed text as well as hand drawn designs for the quilt.

Experienced quilt author, Susan Briscoe, explores how a replica quilt was painstakingly reproduced using the original mosaic piecing technique. There is information about the original fabrics used to create the coverlet and what kind of modern fabrics lend themselves best to recreating the quilt, using a variety of different techniques. This makes it perfect for the more experienced quilter looking for a challenge, as well as anyone fascinated by the history of this traditional craft.

This books is great as a reference of period fabrics and prints if nothing else. The mosaic patchwork refers to what is more commonly known as English Paper Piecing (EPP). 

Size: 210mm x 273mm

128 pages

530 illustrations

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