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The most decorative tassels use wooden forms (moulds), which can be difficult to find. This tends to mean that many do not take up the craft. Now, using the PaperLathe system, moulds can be made using paper and glue in the home!

The kit contains a CD-rom with over 200 patterns for tassel moulds and beads. All patterns are in pdf format, making them accessible to most modern computers. These patterns include all of the traditional profiles, including ball, acorn, olive, diablo, sugarloaf, spirals, and many more. Also included are over 600 unique background designs - specially created to allow you to make patterned moulds and beads, without having to use paint effects or other coverings. Simply over print the backgrounds with your chosen pattern, and roll the mould in the normal way!

The kit comes complete with 6 high quality acrylic rolling rods to allow you to make not only moulds & beads with different diameters, but also with different outer profiles - square, triangular, and half round - which increases the pattern options even more!

You can even create small beads for jewellery and embellishment! The kit also includes a bonus dvd which shows how to create the moulds.

Minimum system requirements: CD requires a PC running Windows XP or later, MAC or Linux - a PDF reader is required. (Most computers include Adobe Acrobat Reader) You will also need a printer, scissors and glue. The Bonus DVD requires a dvd player.

Bonus DVD available in PAL and NTSC format

Paperlathe is a registered trademark of Gina-B Silkworks.

Brand: PaperLathePaperLathe

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