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Build your own 18th century style box tape loom!

This kit contains everything you need to build you own wooden box tape loom - no woodworking skills required.

This type of loom was used during the 18th century to create tapes, inkles, ribbons and fringes - small woven trimmings classed as 'narrow wares'. 

These were usually woven using cotton, linen or wool threads and were often used for very functional purposes. They were used as apro and purse strings, garters, to tie up caps or sewing kits - even as candle wicks.

Today these pretty bands can be used as ribbons and journal ties, key fobs, belts, and so much more. 

This kit contains all of the pieces - including glue and sandpaper - to build your own wooden box loom. The roller has been specially designed so that no complex carpentry skills are required and the heddle itself can be removed to store flat on the loom to create a box when not in use. The interior of the finished loom has two compartments.

Made of 3mm birch ply, the loom can be left natural, be waxed, stained or painted as any other wooden item. 

The kit also contains full instructions for setting up your loom, and how to weave - with 26 patterns! There is even cotton thread in two colours to get you started. The loom uses a rigid heddle to hold the warp threads.


For reference, the dark wood example uses Littlefair water based wood stain & natural wax, some really nice products which we were very impressed with & they make a range of colour shades, with tester pots available. We have no affiliation with this company, but we did like the product.


Dimensions when built -

35cm long x 15cm wide x 29cm high -with heddle in upright position

(13" x 6" x 11¼")

For those of you who have used a rigid heddle for band weaving - this heddle has 25 holes and slots. 

Want to see the loom in action? Visit our YouTube channel  - 
How to Warp a Tape Loom (and weave on it)


  • Birch ply precision cut box loom components
  • shuttle
  • 2 bobbin spools
  • warp tensioners
  • roller locks
  • roller stop
  • threading wire
  • Dryfast PVA glue
  • Finca Perle size 5 cotton in two colours (colours will vary)
  • Glue sticks
  • 26 patterns
  • sanding sheet
  • full instructions

(Note: The loom pieces supplied are unfinished. The dark loom and spool bobbins in the pictures has been stained and waxed)


 Customer feedback:

" the loom went together like a dream so well done on the attention to detail which made that possible"

"It’s fantastic how well thought through the box loom is, it went together like a dream!"


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