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Teneriffe Lace Loom - Gina-B Silkworks

I decided to break apart the YouTube video to just a few images for those of you just starting out with Teneriffe Lace and our looms. I hope that this helps anyone struggling to get started. It really is an easy way to make lace once you get going.

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Using regular thread, place holding stitches to the size required
Using lace thread, come up through the centre hole and stretch the web clockwise, anchoring under the holding stitches
Darn (weave over & under) the centre threads to secure
Work a Teneriffe Knot to join - step 1
Work a Teneriffe Knot - step 2
Work a Teneriffe Knot step 3
The completed knot - work a row of these
Move out, and work a second row of knots, using different pairs
Move out and work knots for the edge
Place the last knot over the first and trim close
Turn the loom around
Cut the holding threads at the back of the loom
Lift the lace medallion away and remove any remaing holding stitches
Bring the starting thread through to the back of the work and secure before trimming


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