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Soie Perlee Filament Silk - #755 – (Blue Steel)
2018-02-22 16:19
Soie Perle filament silk on a wooden spool from Au Ver a Soie  Colour: 755 (Blue Steel)Length: 16m Soie Perlee is a 3 ply twisted filament silk tha
£ 4.80 each
Soie D'Alger Spun Silk - #4106 - (Black)
2017-06-26 11:56
Beautiful Soie D'Alger spun silk skein from Au Ver a Soie  Colour: 4106 (Black)Length: 5m Alger silk is a 7 stranded spun silk suitable for a wide
£ 2.99 each
Soie Ovale Flat Filament Silk - #2541 - (Pale Cream)
2017-06-23 14:58
Beautiful Soie Ovale flat filament silk reel from Au Ver a Soie  Colour: 2541 (Pale Cream)Length: 30m Soie Ovale is a low twist filament silk that
£ 3.75 each

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Gina-B Silkworks designs and produces a variety of craft kits, books, DVDs and other items with an emphasis on handwork & passementerie (textile trimmings). We also stock a range of tools & materials for these crafts.