Circle Gauge Set : Evens

£ 4.99 each
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A handy set of 7 circle gauges in a variety of sizes, with engraved lines dividing the circles.

Designed initially to enable you to mark button mould into even divisions, they are also perfect for a whole variety of other marking purposes, such as keeping a neat circle space when embroidering temari balls, using them as a marker for seam allowances, and marking off divisions on tassel moulds. Or just draw around them when you need a circle!

Each gauge is clear acrylic and arrives with protective sheeting which should be removed so that you can see through the gauge. The set is supplied in a pretty organza bag to ensure that they are all kept together.

Gauges -

2 x 40mm dia. (20mm radius) -
1 with 8 divisions, 1 with 12 divisions

2 x 30mm dia. (15mm radius) -

1 with 8 divisions, 1 with 12 divisions

2 x 20mm dia. (10mm radius) -

1 with 6 divisions, 1 with 8 divisions

1 x 10mm dia (5mm radius) with 4 divisions.

To use for button mould marking - Either place the gauge on top of a flat button mould and mark the divisions - pinning both to a dense sponge or firm cushion can help to keep them still. Another option is to use the larger gauge and place a button mould over it, pinning them together. The divisions can then be marked on the edge of the mould or covered button. Tassel moulds can be marked in the same way  - place the gauge at the top of the tassel mould and mark the sides.

Use the central hole to pin the gauge to a temari ball – this is a great way to ensure that the gap inside of any herringbone stitch flower or other decoration with an open circle remains even.

Mark a seam allowance around a shape by choosing the gauge which will give the allowance you require, placing a sharp pencil into the central hole, and butting the edge of the circle against the template. Draw around, using the circle as a guide.

Use to mark bases for even petal placement when making Kanzashi flowers

Use to draw circles for embroidery and other craft!