Hishikazari Basic Wrap Starter Kit

£ 5.99 each
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Learn how to make beautiful Japanese diamond ornaments

Diamond ornaments are a feature in many of the Japanese Hishikazari hanging mobile ornaments - these ornaments are often created to bring good luck or to ward off bad luck. 

The technique of wrapping threads around the shape is so similar to wrapping threads over buttons that anyone who has tried button making should find this very enjoyable.

This set contains a 25mm acrylic template, bamboo scoring tool, 3 skeins of rayon thread (colours may vary) and a piece of card. 

You'll receive full instructions for how to make the shape, and how to decorate it using the basic wrapping technique.

The photo shows a hishikazari ornament used with the Kanzashi Poinsettia and acrylic ornament pendant (not included)