Kanzashi Petal Holders & Medium Drying Table

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This Kanzashi Accessory Tool Pack contains two Petal Holders & medium Drying Table. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Kanzashi Gluing Table, to hold the folded petals neatly in the starch glue.

This means that trimmed petal shapes can be trimmed BEFORE being placed into the glue (traditionally they are trimmed after), - no more sticky scissors!

  • Make beautiful folded flowers using traditional Japanese techniques. 
  • Tool accessory pack designed to be used with the Kanzashi Tool Kit
  • Unique petal holders help to keep folded petal folded - perfect for heavier fabrics
  • Double sized drying table to help the air to circulate around larger flower creations

The petals holders are also great for those who may struggle keeping the fabric folded and for use with slightly thicker fabrics that will not easily remain folded.

The larger sized Drying table is perfect for the advanced flowers in the More Kanzashi Flowers Kit 

Precision cut from quality acrylic, each piece has small anti-slip feet (these work best on a smooth surface, such as glass, acrylic, etc).

Care: Glue can be wiped off or washed with warm water.