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Total Trimmings Table Deluxe launching on Create & Craft in January

Total Trimmings Table Deluxe from Gina-B Silkworks

We're really excited to announce that we will be launching the Total Trimmings Table Deluxe exclusively on Create & Craft on January 20th at 4pm. It will remain exclusive to Create & Craft for two weeks - so do tune in to the show to find out more.

Many of you will have seen or own the original Total Trimmings Table, which we launched about 5 years ago now. It's such a handy way of having fixed points for so many passementerie uses, that Gina uses it every time she makes anything - which means it is always in use!

However, over the years, her own has had little tweaks and changes made to it, and these have all been incorporated into the new, deluxe version. We've also listened to feedback and made a few other improvements as well. And even better - moving forward we will have some exciting add-ons too!

The Deluxe model is made of smooth acrylic with acrylic posts - nothing to snag delicate threads. The surfaces can be wiped clean too - great for glue or adhesive spills. The two part board allows patterns and diagrams to be placed between, keeping them protected while in use, and the new upright struts support wire wrapping and coiling and can be turned into a simple loom.

The larger board and series of holes will allow for warps of up to 5m (with additional pegs - sold separately) on a footprint of only 28cm. It still comes with a sponge for pinning out frogging and lace designs, and with full instructions for how to tie bows, make a tassel & pompom, work a sinnet braid and twisted cord.

The variety of holes support many of the passementerie tools already available from Gina-B Silkworks, such as the PaperLathe rods, Bead Stencil Kit rods, Tassel Wand and the Button Maker’s Third Hand (we've even fitted a small steel disc so that the magnet attracts). It will also accept the pegs from the original Total Trimmings Table. And moving forward - the Total Trimmings Table Deluxe has been designed to work with a whole range of new tools yet to be released. Think lace making, advanced pompoms, knotwork, and so much more!


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