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February news

There are quite a lot of things going on here over the next couple of months, so I thought that I would update you all.

Create & Craft Making Buttons show - 5 March 11am
I'll be back on Create & Craft tv next week with another button show.

I'll have the Third Hand & Tool Tin back in stock, and a NEW kit - 

One Button a Day 2016 Button Designs Kit

One Button a Day 2016 Button Designs
a selection of 6 button designs from the first two months of my challenge. The kit includes a 12 page booklet, moulds, threads, beeswax and needle. This kit will also be available on our website on March 5th.

One Button a Day 

For those of you who may have missed this - I have set myself a challenge that I will post an image here on the website and on social media every day of a button handmade by me. As I write, I have just posted Day 57's image - "Heart & Dot". Do visit the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest pages to see all of the buttons so far (hashtag #onebuttonaday). There are a lot of ideas in the pipeline relating to this challenge, so watch this space!

Day 57: Heart & Dot #onebuttonaday by Gina Barrett

We're moving!

In mid March, we'll be moving. We expect that we'll have a couple of days where we'll have a short delay in getting orders out - but of course the website will still be up and running, so you can place your orders. We're doing the move over the weekend, so hopefully there won't be much disruption to any of you. We'll post up any notices closer to the time.

The new place will have a lovely studio, and I will be holding regular workshops as soon as everything is ready. At the moment, I expect to include info on the website in a couple of weeks, with the first happening about mid-April.

And last but not least, we are busy busy finalising a new range that we have been working on for months and that will be launched on Create & Craft on April 9th. Think flowers, textile trimming, and delicate - I suspect that this is something that will be very new to most of you!


As always, thanks for your continued support



New workshop dates confirmed

Button workshop sampler sheet by Gina BarrettMy latest workshop dates are now online! I'm really pleased to say that I've been able to pass on a reduction in my costs to you, so this season the prices have reduced a little, yay!

The button workshops have a little bit of a twist this season. Each attendee will be given a printed fabric sampler sheet to mount their best buttons. The design of these sheets has been inspired by 18th and 19th century button sample books, and can be made up into bags or cushions - or, for those who attend more than one workshop, bound to make your own sample books. 

Please remember that spaces on all workshops are limited, that way everyone can work at their own pace and have some one-to-one tuition if needed. The workshops are fun and relaxed, so if you have never attended one and are a bit nervous about it, please don't be!

If you are interested in a particular workshop but the dates just aren't right for you, do get in touch and let me know. If a particular subject gets enough extra interest I'll see about arranging extra dates. If you do get in touch, let me know if a weekday or a Saturday is bext for you.

You can find details of all of the current dates online by clicking here.

Other dates for your diary!

My next Create & Craft show is Sunday August 9th at 3pm. We'll be bringing back the ganutell bundle that sold out - C&C have persuaded us! You can guess what we'll be doing now - packing boxes.... I hope you'll tune in, and if you are a regular veiwer, do email in and send pictures of your ganutell flowers.

Other big news is that we'll be attending The Big Textile Show on Sept 26th & 27th at the Leicester Grammar School. Our first weekend show of this type so, if you are in the area, do please come along and say hi. As the name implies, there will be a focus on all things textile, yarns, and kits, and lots of other goodies. Find out more online by clicking here. It should be a lovely day out.

Ganutell Country Flowers Handbook Launch

Ganutell Country Flowers Handbook by Gina BarrettIt's almost time - Gina's new book, Ganutell Country Flowers Handbook, will launch this weekend!

The launch will include a show on Create & Craft tv on Sunday the 28th at 3pm - a great way to see some of the techniques in action (You can watch online by following the link). There will also be a giveaway for viewers who email in to the show.

We'll also have a giveaway this week over on our Facebook page - do visit for more details.

In this handbook you will learn how to make 20 different petals, leaves and centres using traditional passementerie techniques.

These techniques are then brought together in the projects section with clear and concise instructions to create 16 beautiful flowers designed by Gina and inspired by the English countryside.

Ganutell Heartease and Wood Violet by Gina BarrettFlowers included are :

Dog Rose, Tulip, Crocus, Pheasant's Eye, Celandine, Ox Eye Daisy, Primrose, Hellebore, Flax, Wood Violet, Heartsease, Field Poppy, Bluebell, Small Daffodil, Iris and Cornflower.

The art of making flowers using wire and thread goes back centuries, and these designs bring the craft right up to date. Originally, this type of passementerie would have used only silk threads, but the book includes a section outlining other modern threads that can be used as well as any other tools and materials required.

The handbook is A5 size and spiral bound, allowing it to lie flat while you work. It is fully illustrated throughout with photos and drawings. 



Ganutell Country Flowers Handbook by Gina Barrett

Ganutell Country Flowers Handbook
Gina Barrett
ISBN: 978-0-9573243-4-3
209 colour
81 black & white
spiral bound



Visit the Gina-B shop now for more info

Ganutell and wire passementerie

Ganutell flowers from Gina-B SilkworksHave you heard of Ganutell? Ganutell is the name for small flowers created using a coiled wire. The word is derived from cannetille (French), cannotiglio (Italian), canotilla (Spanish) which means coiled wire. In English, we call this wire perl (purl), because it resembles beads when used in embroidery.

This type of flower has been made in Europe since at least the 15th century - they were widely used to decorate churches and shrines. Variations are still used in modern passementerie to create trimmings, and traditional church decorations are still made in Malta.

Victorian hair work often incorporated small flowers using the same techniques as the earlier silk decorations. Other forms of this include the use of beads, using wire and card (cartisane & cartouchage) and using wire twisted with silk. In fact, the technique of covering strips of parchment with silk is where the 'passe' part of passementerie comes from. We'll be launching a range of Ganutell Flower Kits on Wednesday 26th - including a show on Create & Craft TV at 4pm*. As well as the kits, there will be a new tool to help you to create your own petals and leaves. Over the coming weeks we'll also be launching other components in our web shop, including card shapes for cartouchage and cartisanne, wire and tools to make your own coiled wire.  If you would like to know a bit more, why not take a look at our Pinterest page where historic examples have been posted - click here for the link.

CreatiFrame - a new concept in textile crafting

We're really excited to announce the launch of CreatiFrame® Textile Art Looms!

CreatiFrame weaving

CreatiFrame® is a new concept in textile crafting & is suitable for a wide range of disciplines including weaving, rug work, lace making, embroidery, macramé cavandoli, braiding, bead weaving, needle weaving, tapestry, cut work, mini-quilts, appliqué canvas work & so much more...

CreatiFrames® are designed so that textile art is displayed on the same frame it was created on. The frames can be decorated before or after working your chosen textile technique - add paints, stains, inks - whatever takes your fancy. CreatiFrames® are available in a range of styles, shapes, sizes and materials - there are even complete kits to get you started.

CreatiFrame ATCThe range will begin to roll out from March 1st, with an exclusive pre-launch show on Create & Craft TV at 2pm. One week later, on March 8th, we'll begin adding CreatiFrame® kits and accessories here and in craft shops around the country.

Whether you want to learn a new textile technique or perfect an old favourite, CreatiFrames® are the perfect way to ensure that your efforts don't remain at the bottom of your workbox. They are great for mixed media artists too, and the range of ATC sized CreatiFrames® mean that you can even trade your little works of art.


There is a dedicated CreatiFrame® website with information, inspiration, hints and tips - why not visit today to find out more?



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