Day 366 : Tempus Fugit

Day 366: Tempus Fugit #onebuttonaday by Gina Barrett

That's it. The end of the year and the end of the challenge.

Only I would choose a leap year - and so need to create an extra button a long the way! Thank you to everyone who has followed along - your likes, comments and shares have encouraged me to keep going, even when I really wasn't in the mood.

It isn't as easy as it first sounds, ensuring that you work on something every day, particularly when real life, and death, get in the way.

The challenge has really focused me however, and I do still have a notebook full of ideas - as well as still more historical buttons that were not included.

Please keep in touch, here and on social media. I now intend to work on a book with as many instructions for the buttons as I can. I hope to launch a Kickstarter campaign for this very soon.

I'm also hoping that at some point this year I'll be able to hold a small exhibition with all of the buttons from the challenge on display.

Thank you again, and a very happy, healthy and lucky 2017 to you all.

Name: Tempus Fugit
Type: Ring button
Materials: 39mm acrylic ring / hand dyed fabric / metallic threads / watch parts

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