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Kanzashi Flower Making Starter Kit

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Make beautiful folded flowers using tradtional Japanese techniques. 

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Make beautiful folded flowers using tradtional Japanese techniques. 


"Kanzashi" is the general term, in English, for traditional Japanese folded flowers. The word comes from Hana Kanzashi - ornamental flower hairpin, traditionally worn by trainee geisha (hana is the actual word for flower).

A starch adhesive, not normally available in the UK without importing, is the key to making these little flowers successfully. Gina-B Silkworks' has had this adhesive specially developed and it is manufactured here in the UK, allowing crafters to try this beautiful, traditional craft.

The specially designed and printed Hanabira squares are a new twist to this ancient craft, allowing modern flower designs to be created easily.


  • Kanzashi Hanabira Fabric Pack : Starter Petals One (cotton)
  • Kanzashi Hanabira Fabric Pack : Starter Petals Two (cotton)
  • Kanzashi Fabric Flower Techniques booklet
  • 30ml Kanzashi Starch Adhesive

Japanese folded flowers tradtionally use plain fabrics, while more modern makers use fabric with fine prints. These Hanabira (flower petal) squares have been designed by Gina-B Silkworks and are a new twist on the traditional flowers, allowing multi-coloured flowers to be created.

The 12 page booklet explains not only how to make the 11 flowers included in these packs, but how to use your own fabric to create flowers. (Any lightweight silk or cotton will work). Illustrated throughout with photographs and diagrams, you'll soon be making pretty little flowers to embellish a variety of items. The booklet also shows how to make a traditional hairpin and more modern hairclip. 

This bundle includes a 30ml Kanzashi Starch Adhesive. This has been specially formulated and is made here in the UK to enable you to make traditional hana kanzashi flowers.


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